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A minimum wage that doesn’t ensure minimum dignity

A government-led, tripartite board, the minimum wage board for tea workers has continued the 170-year-old "tradition" depriving workers by recommending an unfair wage structure, which conflicts with existing laws. Speakers at a virtual dialog yesterday said that. They highlighted that the minimum wage for tea workers in the country is the lowest of all the major sectors and was inadequate for basic living standards. At a dialogue entitled "Tea workers' wage: Present structure, challenges" speakers expressed concern about the recommendation. The event was organized by Society for Environment and Human Development in partnership with Power and Participation Research Centres (PPRC), and Bangladesh Cha Sramik Union. Philip Gain, director at SEHD, spoke in the keynote speech. He stated that the tripartite body was formed almost five years late and recommended the same daily wage rates, Tk. 117, Tk. 118, and Tk. 120 as have been offered for the past